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Our Team


We, Cho Oyu Trekking Pvt Ltd team, operate regular small scale expeditions to large scale scientific expeditions as well as "Speed Climbing" expeditions. our climbing crew includes well experienced Sherpas who have summitted Mt. Everest and other 8000 peaks several times. They are graduates of Advanced Mountaineering and Rescue Training and are highly competent in using climbing gear. An affable lot, they are also adept at handling all the dangers that come with mountain climbing. Safety is one our foremost concerns.

Pemba Gelje Sherpa

Pemba Gelje Sherpa born on December 1990 a young and energetic Sherpa is a renowned person in climbing field. He started his climbing career since 2007 when he was just 17 years old. Before thaT he use to go for trekking as helper with the team. He had summitted Everest two times from South Side.

Peak Mountain
Alt. Reached
1 2007 Mera Peak French Summit Climbing Sherpa
2 2008 Mera Peak Italian Summit Climbing Sherpa
3 2008 Mera Peak U.K Summit Climbing Sherpa
4 2009 Island Peak German Summit Climbing Sherpa
5 2010 Chulu Far East Italian Summit Climbing Sherpa
6 2011 Everest South Italian South Cole Climbing Sherpa
7 2011 Island Peak Italian Summit Climbing Sherpa
8 2012 Everest South Italian Summit Climbing Sherpa
9 2013 Everest South Italian Summit Climbing Sherpa
10 2013 Himlung Himal Italian Summit Climbing Sherpa

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